Учебное пособие для студентов экономических вузов Волгоград «информресурс»

НазваниеУчебное пособие для студентов экономических вузов Волгоград «информресурс»
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ТипУчебное пособие
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IV. Меморандум, или памятная записка

Memorandum (Memo)

Меморандум, или, сокращенно, мемо - тип документа, используемый для обмена информацией внутри компании. Как правило, мемо не кладут в конверты; исключение составляют личные и конфиденциальные меморандумы.

В меморандумах нет необходимости приводить подробный адрес получателя, однако следует обязательно указать его имя и название отдела, в котором он работает.

Мемо пишутся в следующих случаях:

  • Если нужно зафиксировать основные моменты или спорные вопросы, обсуждавшиеся в ходе собрания.

  • Когда нужно сохранить информацию любого рода

  • Когда нужно зафиксировать задания, порученные конкретному человеку.

  • Если надо сообщить важную информацию всему коллективу или отдельному лицу.

Основные пункты памятной записки:

To – кому

Date – дата

From – от кого

Subject – тема

Dept – отдел

Extn: – добавочный номер

Образец №1

Model №1





10 May 2011


General Manager





I have been disappointed to notice that lately there have been several instances where confidentiality has been breached. Each person is entrusted with the information they need to do their business. There is no need to discuss this with other people either inside or outside the company. Please discuss the matters only on a 'need to know' basis. Certain amount of our work has been compromised due to indiscreet discussions amongst other employees. This matter is serious and strong measures will be taken in future.

John Parker

General Manager

V.Тренировочные упражнения

1.Translate into English: запрос, приложение, шапка письма, внутренний адрес, приветствие, блок подписи, комплиментарная концовка, дата, заказ, предложение, письмо-рекламация, индекс, отправитель, получатель.

2. Translate into Russian: Business correspondence, price, equipment, delivery, price-list, sample, advertisement, current catalogue, goods, quantity, quality, packing, leaflets, manufacturers, sellers, suppliers, range, supply.

3 Translate into English:

Мы увидели Вашу рекламу в … . Вы выпустили новую модель … на рынок

Вы являетесь производителем … . Мы будем признательны, если Вы вышлите нам… . Транспортные расходы … . Наши требования … . Повреждение товара … .

4 Fill in the blanks with prepositions.

1. Thank you......your enquiry......1 October.

2. Packing is included … the price.

3. We have pleasure … enclosing out catalogue.

4. We look forward … receiving your order.

5. We can supply you … stock.

6. Out company was founded … 2005.

5. All parts are mixed up in this letter. Put them in order. Rewrite the letter in block style with open punctuation. Translate this letter into Russian.

  • Yours faithfully

  • Many thanks for your prompt reply

  • Re: Order for Bell-Wire

of 20th April to our enquiry

for Bell-Wire.

We enclose our official order for

15,000 meters, which we understand

you can supply from stock.

As indicated in our first enquiry,

the quality must be up to the sample

you sent us and colour of the insulation

identical to that of sample. Our order is

placed on this condition.

  • Dear Sirs,

  • International Trading


Telephone: 395-6951

Telefax: (039) 6537

3 August 2011

  • Vesteria Ltd.

  • Alfred Smith

142 South Road Sales Manager

London SW 16 4QX


6. Translate into Russian

Dear Sirs,

Your name was given to us by Messrs... Ltd., who have been regular customers of your for some years. We asked them if they knew of a manufacturer who would be able to supply immediately the goods specified on the enclosed list.

We would explain in confidence that our usual supplier has rather let us down this year on delivery dates and quantities, and we are in danger of getting intro arrears with one or two of our contracts.

If you can supply the goods required, please accept this as our official order: payment will be made on any basis accept-able to yourselves.

We hope you will be able to meet our requirements in this instance? And would add that if your products are satisfactory and terms competitive we should be interested in a long term connection between us.

We should appreciate a prompt reply.
Yours faithfully.

7. Translate into Russian

Dear Sirs,

We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the largest manufacturers of pumps in Great Britain.

We are enclosing leaflets which provide information on a wide range of pumps we manufacture and we feel sure you will agree that there are designs and types to suit different requirements.

We also enclose for your further information our current FOB price-list which may be revised from time to time and we will be pleased to supply you with CIF quotations as well. Deliveries will of course depend on the quantities and the type of pumps you require.

Spare parts can also be supplied and they too are illustrated and described in the leaflets.

If you are interested in our pumps we are prepared to supply you with any model you require on mutually acceptable and profitable terms.

We hope you will let us have your comments on our offer and we look forward to discussing this matter in detail with you at any convenient time.

Yours faithfully.

8.Translate into Russian.


Dear Sirs,

We thank you for your letter

of May, 2011.

We are pleased to learn

that you are interested in buying

our goods. We enclose our current

price-list which gives you infor-

mation about our terms of payment

and delivery.

If you need any further information

please, let us know without delay.

Yours faithfully.


Dear Sirs ,

We have received your letter of

May 2 and in reply we wish to inform you that we prepared to sell our goods at the price of $25 per ton F.O.B. Odessa

The goods can be delivered in July. Payment should be made against shipping documents by a Letter of Credit.

We are looking forward to your reply.

Yours faithfully.

  1. Translate this letter. What parts of this letter are not given.

Dear Mr. Smith,

Thank you very much for your enquiry. We were pleased to learn your interest in our products. Our equipment is popular in more than 25 countries. In spite of the limit of the goods quantity at our warehouses we are glad to say that we can reserve you 6 TV sets "Sony".

We enclose our catalogue with the latest price-list. Our detailed catalogue will demonstrate the wide range of our products. Our proposal is valid till the 30th April 2011. The price covers packing and transportation expenses.

We especially call your attention to the household equipment. Besides the above mentioned goods, our company sells washing-machines and refrigerators. We ask you to consider our proposal once more and let us know if we can expect your order. If you are not happy with our proposal please let us know why. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.
10. Translate into Russian.

Dear Sirs,

We have seen your advertisement in "The Metal Worker" and are interested in aluminum screws and fittings of all kinds.

Please quote us for the supply of the items listed on the enclosed enquiry form, giving your prices c.i.f. Odessa. Will you please also state your earliest delivery date, your terms of payment, and discounts for regular purchases?

As our annual requirements in metal fittings of all kinds are considerable, perhaps you would also send us your catalogue and details of your specifications.

Yours faithfully,
11. Translate into Russian.

Dear Sirs,

Thank you for your enquiry of the 20th March20 in which you inform us that you are interested in purchasing the Model R 800 computers from us. We enclose with the letter all particulars concerning technical characteristics of this model.

Our company enjoys a fist-class reputation and our products are exported to many countries. We have had to develop special features in our computers to satisfy market demands. Now our computers are widely known in many countries of Europe and Asia. We are happy to inform you that we can meet your quantity requirements and offer you three computers at the price of... per unit. The price includes packing. We are sure that at this price our computers are the best on the world market. We can promise delivery in two months if we receive your order immediately. We hope the above information will be helpful. However, if further information is required please do not hesitate to contact us. We hope you will be able to accept our offer and look forward to our future discussions with you.

Yours faithfully.

12. Translate into Russian.

Dear Sirs,

We thank you for your enquiry of 27th August 2011 concerning the supply of pumps and now are pleased to submit our offer.

With this offer we enclose drawings and specifications together with our leaflet.

Price: The total price of a pump is € ... which includes packing and delivery CIF Russian port.

Delivery: Delivery of the pumps will begin three months after the contract is signed and will be completed within a period of four months.

Validity: This offer is valid for 90 days from the date of this letter.

Payment: Payment is to be made in cash within 30 days of receipt of the following shipping documents: an Invoice, a Bill of Lading, an Insurance Policy and a Packing List.

We have quoted for the majority of spare parts in accordance with the details in your enquiry. But we cannot guarantee the supply of all items as in some cases our stocks of spares are limited.

We recommend you therefore to place an order as soon as possible to obtain the items you require.

I would personally very much like to visit you at the Trade Delegation and discuss our possible future business relations.

Perhaps you will be kind enough to advise me of a suitable date and time for such a meeting.

Yours faithfully.

13. Translate into Russian.

Dear Sirs,

Some time ago we offered you home computers which are manufactured by our company. At that time you were interested, but did not place orders. We are now able to offer you our home computers on more favourable terms. With this letter we enclose our current FOB price-list. Transport packing is included in the price.

Payment is to be made by a Letter of Credit which is to be opened in our name with the Moscow Narodny Bank. We can offer a two year guarantee from the date of delivery.

For your information we enclose two copies of our leaflets on all our models.

If you require samples we are prepared to supply them at the same price as for orders between 500 and 1,500 machines. We feel sure that when you see our computers in operation you will be pleased with the quality of our product.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours faithfully.

14. Translate into Russian.

Dear Sirs,

We have received both your quotation of 1st February and the samples of MEN'S SUITINGS, and thank you for these.

While appreciating the good quality of your suiting we find the prices of these materials rather high for the market we wish to supply. We have also to point out that very good suitings are now available in Eastern countries from several manufacturers and now all of them at prices from 10% to 15% below yours.

We should like to place our order with you, but must ask you to consider whether you can make us a more favourable offer. As our order would be worth around... (so many rubles) you may think it worth while to make a concession.
Yours faithfully,

15. Translate into Russian.

Dear Sirs,

We duly received the documents and took delivery of the goods.

We are much obliged to you for the prompt execution of this order. Everything appears to be correct and in good condition except in case No. ...

Unfortunately when we opened this case we found it contained completely different articles, and we can only presume that a mistake was made and the contents of this case were for another order.

As we need the articles we ordered to complete deliveries to our own customers, we must ask you to arrange for the dispatch of replacements at once. We attach a list of the contents of case No. ..., and shall be glad if you will check this with our Order of your copy of your Invoice.

In the meantime we are holding the above mentioned case at your disposal; please let us know what you wish us to do with it.

Yours faithfully,

16. Translate into Russian.

Dear Sirs,

Thank you for your letter dated... we were glad to know that the consignment was delivered promptly, but it was with great regret that we heard case No... .didn't contain the goods you ordered.

On going into the matter we find that a mistake was indeed made in the packing.

We shall be much obliged if you will keep case No... and contents until called for by our agent whom we have instructed accordingly.

Please accept our many apologies for the trouble caused to you by the error.

Yours faithfully.

V. In case of impossibility to send a business letter within the office one may use a telephone for an urgent call
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